How are block ice made at Honolulu Ice Company?

On December 28, 2013 by admin

At Honolulu Ice Company, we take pride in making sure you are happy with our product, even if we are to take hours on end to ensure our ice is 100% to meet your expectations.

Many of our customers as well as their customers always wonder where does their block ice come from? Well, here we are to do a brief introduction from Step 1 through 5.


Step 1. Preparing the  ready-made Block Ice for removal.


Step 2. Manually dipping the ice molds into the harvesting tank for removal. Typically, 5-7 cans per time.


Step 3. Dump each block onto our block holder section of the harvesting tank for inspection and packaging.


Step 4. After we have completed our inspection to ensure it’s quality, we would manually bag and load our ice blocks into our freezers in an orderly fashion to prevent any damages to the ice.


Step 5.  (FINAL). After sanitizing our molds, we would place it directly back into our block makers and re-fill it with reverse osmosis filtered water and let it freeze for approx 8-12 hours.


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